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    Welcome to Paralegal Plus Services

    Paralegal Plus is a document preparation service that has been in business for over 18 years licensed in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Services are provided for all counties. In addition to holding a Juris Doctor Degree, I have attended numerous continuing education law seminars and workshops. I have also received numerous recognition awards as an outstanding volunteer for legal aid.

    Paralegal Services

    • 1Paralegal Plus Services: Divorces, Child Support,
    • 2Paralegal Plus Services: Tenant, Legal Documents,
      Child Custody
    • 3 Paralegal Plus Services: Paternity, Guardianships,
      Notary Public, Civil Actions
    • 4 Paralegal Plus Services: For all Legal Needs in
      Rancho Cucamonga CA
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    Friday and Saturday LOW COST document preparation for qualifying individuals who meet California low income standards. Please call to see if you qualify.